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You should be comfortable with your photography team. That's why I include an engagement session in most of our collections. We have a great opportunity before the wedding to get to know each other and create amazing photographs. 

I create images seen through the loving eyes of your fiancee, parent, relative, and friends.  This is not just about this amazing day, it is a story about family and generational connections, an heirloom in the making. 

Your wedding day is meant to enjoy! I capture your authentic moments unobtrusively. Even during the busy time of group pictures I have ways of eliciting wonderful moments that allow you to move on to enjoying the next aspect of your day. Although you may be occasionally aware we are capturing moments, we have developed a trust so that all is fun and the love shines through. 

Our signature style is candid photography and heartfelt sponaneous moments captured unobtrusively. However, we feel wedding photography can be enriched greatly by a combination of elegantly combined styles. If you feel adventurous we love to include fashion, creative lighting, fabulous poses,  and story telling. Traditional style can also include a vintage 20's, 30's, and 40's look and feel!


Another of the things that set our work apart is Beth's award winning custom album design and free session. Because we are the one's who captured your unique love story and experienced the wedding day we are able to design the album that most portrays this special day. Far more than a scrapbook! It is a unique handcrafted heirloom, an intimate work of art that you help create.

We start with a proposed design - our vision of the wedding day. And since every wedding is different, and every couple unique, we don't use pre-designed templates. Every page of every album is custom designed by us and approved by you. Every image a fully retouched masterpiece image selected to tell your story . This process is not rushed. We are creating a family heirloom and it's got to be perfect.

 TECH STUFF: photos that move us emotionally & last generations

Our studio is 100% digital and we use the state of the art professional Canon cameras and lenses. All images are captured in "RAW" mode. 

Unlike JPEG, RAW files also give us 30% greater latitude for enhancing and color correcting our images in post-production, and they can be made into color, black and white, sepia or one of many other custom effects, and there is little or no degradation while making these changes, unlike JPEGS.

And, we give you your images on the state of the art  Flash Drive  or Premium DVD with security access protected with copyright release .

Our clients deserve the very best!